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Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

Anthony Bourdain

While travel is about discovering new places, for us the best adventures are found outside the city limits. We’re talking places where cobbled laneways are replaced by vine-covered jungle paths, skyscrapers are dwarfed by soaring mountains, and the quickest way to get from A to B is a zip-line instead of a taxi. On our Active Adventures you can get a new perspective on familiar destinations – sea kayaking in South of Turkey, Ski Touring in Cappadocia , horse riding in Georgia, These are pulse-racing, hair-raising thrill rides for those who like their travel with a dash of the extraordinary. Saddle up and join the ride.

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Our travel itineraries revolve around creating opportunities for photography. Unlike many excursions that offer excursions adapted to travelers in general, our tours are designed exclusively for nature lovers and landscape photography. Our trips give you more time on the field to work on specific angles while observing nature, rather than rushing and running from one place to another.

The pace of our travels is usually relaxed, but prepared for not wasting time. We are aware that you have not traveled to waste your time doing nothing during an ‘unnecessary day off’ . Even if the weather is bad or an activity needs to be canceled, we are working hard to make sure there is always a backup plan. 

We usually go out with the sunrise and sunset to capture breathtaking images in the dim light of the Golden and Blue hours. We often take the midday breaks when the light is too strong, to be able to recharge our batteries and our body before returning to the field. In the meantime, our groups may visit the museums around, or ride a bicycle or to visit the vineyard located not far from the hotel to taste the local wine. 

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The evocative swirl of incense in a temple, a refreshing cup of tea on a  roadside, or the wonder of the Hierapolis ruins at sunrise. These are just some of the magical experiences that will leave your senses tingling on our cultural tours. And with our expert local guides, you’ll go further and get closer than you’ve ever been before. 

Our cultural trips are pure, simple adventures to explore some of the most iconic lands and civilizations in Greece and Turkey; from the ruins of the mighty Roman empire to the bustling streets of Istanbul, Eskapas cultural tours are designed to take you to the heart of your destination and to  offer an array of cultural holidays for everyone.

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Travelers with an independent mind will agree that a self-guided day is unbeatable in terms of value, experience and sense of achievement. Our self-guided tours include everything you need for an adventurous and rewarding journey: accommodation, detailed program transfers and an informative departure package that describes carefully planned itineraries.

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Traveling is not only about visiting some place and taking photos. It’s more about experiencing the local culture, the local food, learning more about the lifestyle of local people!  When traveling, you meet, eat and talk with locals, which gives the amazing travel experience. Experience deeply the local culture and lifestyle!

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Get ready for an unforgettable experience! A huge country that offers a wonderful selection of varied habitats, birds that are not found further west, a rich cultural heritage, excellent food and friendly people. The Bosphorus is one of the most important bird migration hot spots with thousands of storks, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Honey Buzzards and Levant Sparrowhawks moving through, while you are seated above the fabled metropolis of Istambul. Southern Turkey has productive wetlands, Mediterranean woodlands and shrub and scenic snow-covered mountains. Target species include Dalmatian Pelican, Eleonora’s Falcon, Spur-winged Plover, White-throated Kingfisher, Finsch’s Wheatear, White-throated Robin, Olive-tree Warbler, Ruppell’s Warbler, Kruper’s Nuthatch, Masked Shrike, Red-fronted Serin and Cretzschmar’s Bunting.

Our professional biologist tour guides will use their sharp senses to spot animals such as birds, chameleons , snakes, poisonous frogs, and numerous other different types of animals as well as insects that you will be able to observe in our tours. You will also learn about medicinal plants.

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