Safe Travel Protocols

peace of mind to enjoy your trip

3-Step Protocol

Step 1: Continuous Support

Expertly-trained Official Guides

Your Travel Guide, who has been trained in enhanced hygiene and distancing standards, will monitor compliance and guest wellbeing.

Diligent Drivers

Your driver has been trained to ensure your transportation is hygienically taken care of – so you can travel hassle free. They’ll get you from one destination to the next with ease, and clean and disinfect all coach surfaces throughout your trip. ​

Support Team

Our operations and field support teams remain behind the scenes, in contact and on-call 24/7.

Travel smarter

Step 2: Distancing and Hygiene Protocols

On-coach Distancing

Trips will operate with a number of empty seats to allow for extra physical distancing.

Sanitized Surfaces​

All frequently touched surfaces inside your coach, including handrails, doors, tables, overhead lockers, plus your luggage handles, will be disinfected multiple times each day.

Step 3: Incident Monitoring

Always Up To Date

Our team and web pages are always up to date, and continue to adjust to the changing regulations from health authorities and local governments. They make changes behind the scenes so you are able to enjoy your trip.

Incident Response Protocol

Should an incident arise on trip, protocols are in place. We will assist and direct distancing, local medic support and testing. We will liaise with local authorities to follow directives, which will vary across countries, and support you every step of the way.


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