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14 Days – Grand Tour of Turkey

by eskapas

As the meeting point of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Turkey contains a striking diversity of experiences. With the fusion of Asian and European cultures, physically divided by the Bosphorus Strait, and surrounded by the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Turkey is proud of its history reflected by the legacy of great civilisations. Join us and discover the heritage and culture of this nation through its main cities: Istanbul, with its magical palaces, mosques and bazaars and its legacy of ancient Byzantium, later Constantinople; A tour that goes throgh in the incredible Cappadocia, with a fairytale landscape like no other in the world and where nature has been especially generous.

You’ll also get to see Antalya and its Lycian Coast until Fethiye you will discover the ancient Simena, with the mystery of a city now submerged underwater, And, of course, the surreal coincidence of discovering Demre, origin of the story of Santa Claus, ; Then will swim in miraculous waters of famous cotton pools and waterfall of Pamukkales; and Ephesus, one of the best-preserved ancient cities of the Mediterranean basin. and Meryemana, said to be the location of the Virgin Mary’s house.Tour vineyards and olive groves in the hillside village of Sirince; Heading to Northern Aeagean land to visit Bergama Acropolis and legendary Troy of Odyssey, you will never forget Galipoli when you pass across Anzac Cove which will touch your heart.

This is not just an ordinary travel. It is a journey of unforgettable memories. Enjoy it!



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