Best Beaches in Turkey

Where to go among to 8.000 kilometers of Turkish coastline

Best Beaches in Turkey : When you’re a country with coastlines along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas you’re bound to be spoilt for choice when it comes to decent beaches and that’s certainly the case with Turkey. Some, like those around Marmaris, are well-known to foreign visitors and come with all the amenities a holiday-maker could ask for. Less developed options also abound, like those on the Datça Peninsula, while some, like those on the islands of Bozcaada and Gökçeada, are hugely popular with Turks but only slowly gaining a reputation with visiting holiday-makers.

With over 8.000 kilometers of coastline, Turkey has plenty of beaches. But as a holidaymaker, what you want is to find the best beaches in Turkey. And luckily for you, you are spoiled for choice, as Turkey has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Get ready for a tour around what we think are the best beaches in Turkey, and keep the map at the end of this post as a reference to find them easily. Each beach has something unique that keeps visitors coming back year after year. One thing all of them have, however, is beautiful sights. Find out what the best beaches in Turkey are as awarded by more than 200 professional guides:

Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz Beach), Fethiye
Best Beaches in Turkey : Oludeniz

Ölüdeniz is probably Turkey’s most famous beach, located near the popular resort of Fethiye. The beach with its adjacent lagoon is featured on many campaigns and the iconic photos of paragliders floating above this sea of turquoise added to its fame. Admittedly, the place is of stunning natural beauty. Of course, with its popularity come many tourists. As with the other popular beaches on this list, we prefer Ölüdeniz in winter, but if you’re after a gorgeous setting and state of the art facilities for your beach holiday in Turkey, this place is definitely one to consider. You have several options to choose from during the season, the main part of the beach, Belcekiz beach, is public. The central part of the lagoon is a natural park where you will be charged an entrance fee, even in the winter time. The back of the lagoon is private beach heaven. Most of these beach clubs even offer pick-up services from your vacation rental or hotel and have excellent entertainment facilities, sunbeds, kayaks and wining and dining options.

Patara Beach, Patara (Fethiye)

Patara is Turkey’s longest sandy beach. Located near the tourist resort of Kalkan, Patara is a protected area with sandy dunes and an ancient site to complete the experience. In another post, we said Patara is the most literal form of beach culture; for that reason alone, it belongs in this list of best beaches in Turkey. You have to pay an entrance fee to visit Patara, but you get a lot in return: 18km of beach, clean facilities, and showers and a beach café run by the local council that uses the profit to maintain the beach.

Kaputas Beach, Kas
Best Beaches in Turkey : Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach Kas; The beach is situated at a distance of 20 km from Kaş and 7 from Kalkan, at a point where an extremely narrow valley towered by steep cliffs and forests joins the sea shore in the cove of the same name as the beach (Kaputaş). The beach is quite popular among visitors to the region due to its untouched natural beauty commanded by a view from the heights traversed by the State road D400 between Kaş and Kalkan. It is a small beach that has gained fame after people shared some glorious shots of its turquoise waters on social media. The beach is formed by a gorge opening out into a stretch of sand. Take a countless number of steps down and enjoy this slice of paradise. During the summer months, the beach has facilities, including sun loungers, parasols, and catering. Unfortunately, this also means crowds.

Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan; Good beach, with or w/o logger-head turtles. The town, 8 km (5 miles) NW of Dalaman Airport, the river, cliff tombs and Caunos ruins are a nice bonus. Iztuzu Beach is backed by the Dalyan Delta. Iztuzu’s six kilometres of golden sands are just a fifteen-minute drive from Dalyan Town. Perhaps for this reason, the beach is rarely crowded. The beach is a fine strip of white sand that juts into the water. Backed by Dalyan Delta, it is a stunning and natural place. If you are seeking complete isolation, turn left on your way to Iztuzu and follow the off-road tracks into the mountains. You’ll travel through lush forests and isolated mountain villages, and eventually you’ll find a number of isolated, stunningly beautiful beaches.


Çıralı Beach, Olympos
Best Beaches in Turkey : Çirali Beach

Çıralı beach is a glorious stretch of sand adjacent to Olympos ancient site with scenic mountains as a backdrop. There is a very laid-back atmosphere both on the beach and in the village behind it. If you are into cabins and tree houses, you will love this place! Çıralı beach is the perfect spot to while away the day and enjoy the simple things in life surrounded by pristine nature. Head over to the eternal flames if you want to experience more magic of mother nature!

Antalya Konyaalti Beach
Best Beaches in Turkey : Konyaaltı Beach – Antalya

Best city beach in the world – Walk on the multicolored pebbles and feel the warm waves tickle your feet in this scenic beach park with views of distant mountains. Konyaalti Beach Park is a vast stretch of pebbles with a stunning backdrop of mountains. Showers, restaurants and the sea offer sunbathers respite from the sweltering heat. Make this your favorite spot for watersports, swimming and relaxing by the Mediterranean Sea just outside the city center. Konyaalti Beach Park is about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) west of the central area of Antalya. You can drive to the beach, which has a large parking lot for visitors, in less than 15 minutes. The beach is next to the Miniature Culture Park, Antalya Aquarium and Antalya Museum. Ride the tram to the stop next to the museum and walk for 2 minutes to reach the beach. Buses also take passengers to the popular beach. Best Beaches in Turkey

Sunbathe on deck chairs while the kids play on the beach. Rent umbrellas to shade you from the sun while you lounge on a beach chair. Dip your toes in the water or go for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Look for the blue flag indicating the water is clean and safe for swimmers.
The Beydaglari Mountains loom powerfully over the horizon as a reminder of the country’s scenic and varied landscape. Capture photos of the rocky giants hanging over the sea. Stay at one of the hotels with a view of the beach. Take part in watersports, such as Jet Skiing and parasailing, for a small price.
Choose snacks at the many vendors’ stands along the beach. Buy nuts, ice cream and sodas to share with family and friends. Sit at a restaurant for a meal accompanied by the soothing sound of crashing waves. Behind the beach you will find a park with paths, trees and vast grassy area where you can play games. The Antalya Aqualand Water Park next to the beach is packed with thrilling slides and waterfalls.

Delikli Köy Beach -Çeşme
Best Beaches in Turkey : Delikli Köy Beach

Delikli Köy beach is situated at about 12km from Çeşme and at around 80km from Izmir. There are no road signs to this beach, which is only visited by locals. While the beach has no facilities, it has a lot to make up for that. The setting is amazing, with white, out-of-this-world rock formations that dominate the shore. This is the perfect beach for those who prefer to stay away from the crowded Çeşme and Izmir beaches.


Butterfly Valley
Best Beaches in Turkey : Kelebekler Vadisi / Butterfly Valley

Only accessible by boat or a treacherous climb down a cliff, the beach at the Butterfly Valley is situated in the bottom of a wide valley beneath the village of Faralya. Clear turquoise waters and lush nature attract a laid-back crowd. The valley is a protected nature area, in order to preserve the natural habitat of the valley’s eponymous butterflies (there’s a charge to climb up from or down to the beach), but boat tours depart daily from the port in Ölüdeniz, including a stop at the beach, or there’s a regular taxi boat service.

Kabak Beach
Best Beaches in Turkey : Kabak Beach

Kabak beach is located in Faralya, a natural area not far from Fethiye and popular Ölüdeniz beach. It is relatively untouched. The road ends in Kabak, which means people have to purposely make the trip up the winding mountain road from Ölüdeniz to Faralya. Still, it is becoming more popular each year, with more tourists making their way to Kabak beach. Kabak and Faralya are places for nature lovers. Best Beaches in Turkey

You’ll find lots of boutique style hotels and camping sites with a boho touch and yoga platforms. On the beach, there are sunbeds and a café, – restaurant – camping site during the summer season. If you are visiting Kabak beach, consider walking up to the hidden waterfalls located in the forest behind the beach.


Ovabuku Beach
Best Beaches in Turkey : Ovabükü

This quiet beach on the Datça peninsula feels like an escape from it all. The rolling landscape of pine-crowned hills and olive groves gives way to the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. If you make it all the way here, be sure to go the additional 38 km (24 miles) west to visit the Knidos ruins.

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