Best Things To Do In Athens Greece

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece


Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – It is irresistible for history buffs. Some expectations are set for Athens, but the Greek capital blows it all away with a whirlwind of iconic buildings and fantastic museums. can be obtained.  The best things to do in Athens extend far beyond its illustrious history. Sure, it’s cool to invent your own concepts of Western culture, but creativity still reigns supreme in those parts. food? can’t believe it. Don’t even try to verbalize those preferences.


What is Acropolis?

When you think of Athens, these ancient buildings come to mind. It would be difficult to name a more iconic sight anywhere in the world. For 2,500 years it has remained on a rocky outcrop, now submerged in a sprawling modern metropolis, but it is still dizzying.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - Acropolis
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Acropolis

Why go?

The monuments here are considered the greatest architectural feat of Ancient Greece. Dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Parthenon has perfect proportions and is considered the finest Doric masterpiece in the world.


Temple of Poseidon

What is Temple of Poseidon ?

For fans of Greek mythology, Athens has no shortage of treats. This is the first temple you should visit.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Poseidon temple landmark at the sunset in Sounion

Why go ?

He may be the god of the sea, but Poseidon’s palace is located on Cape Sounio, 60 meters above sea level. This marble temple was first built by the ancient Athenians to honor Poseidon and guide sailors home safely. All that’s left now is a series of towering pillars that don’t look half pretty against the glorious Greek sunset.


Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC)

what is SNFCC?

A green oasis in the Mediterranean.

why go?

The 170,000-square-meter park includes playgrounds, gardens, cafés, an impressive eco-friendly glass complex (including the Greek National Opera), an artificial river, and the National Library of Greece. It also offers great views of the Acropolis.



What is Lycabettus ?

Lycabettus Hill is one of the highest mountains in Athens. You can get there by hiking the wooded slopes.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - Lycabettus
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Lycabettus

Why go?

At the top, you’ll find one of the city’s most impressive views. It’s also home to a pretty whitewashed church called St. George, cafés and the gourmet Greek restaurant Orizontes, with arguably the most beautiful terraces in the capital. In the summer, concerts are held at Lycabettus Amphitheater, built on another site on the hill.


 Varvakios Agora

What is Varvakios Agora ?

The indoor and outdoor food markets of the Monastiraki district are a feast for the senses. From the early hours of the morning, Greek vendors bark the best deals for selling fresh meat, fish, fruit, spices and produce from across the country.

Varvakios Agora

Why go?

Travelers and locals alike have a unique atmosphere as they traverse narrow aisles lined with hanging carcasses of meat, stalls selling Greek delicacies, and fresh seafood chilled in lively displays. .


The National Museum of Contemporary  Art in Athens

what is it ?

EMST is Athens’ answer to the Tate Modern, Center Pompidou and the Museum of Modern Art.

why go?

This room is full of art that people are talking about. Expect exhibitions by Greek and international artists in all media, from painting to video to experimental architecture. The museum’s massive house has its own fascinating history. It’s actually a former brewery, and the Greek beer His Fix was once brewed here.


The National Gardens

what is The National Gardens ?

Tucked away in the heart of Athens, the National Gardens are a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the concrete capital.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - National Gardens
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – National Gardens

why go?

This magnificent park was commissioned by Queen Amalia, the first queen of Greece, in 1838 and completed two years later. The gardens include 40 acres of narrow gravel paths and ponds and a small zoo with wild goats, peacocks and chickens.


Monastiraki Neighbourhood

What is Monastiraki Neighbourhood

Monastiraki is he one of the capital’s oldest and busiest areas, filled with rooftop bars, ancient monuments and huge markets.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - Monastiraki
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Monastiraki

Why go?

The Monastiraki metro station is located on the picturesque main square (which also offers great views of the Acropolis). Shop at Monastiraki’s flea market, wander through busy pedestrian streets and browse shops selling antiques, handcrafted jewellery, and Greek handicrafts.


Plaka Neighbourhood

What is Plaka Neighbourhood ?

Plaka, which lies in the shadow of the Acropolis, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - Plaka
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Plaka

Why go?

Here, delve into the side streets and explore the charming narrow old streets. It’s a hodgepodge of derelict buildings from different eras and beautifully restored buildings converted into mansions. Plaka has many ancient ruins, small museums, historic churches and picturesque little squares with many restaurants and cafes.


Cine Paris

what is that?

Athenians know it’s summer in the city when the open-air cinema opens. Founded in the 1920s, the legendary Cine Paris is best known for its striking views of the Acropolis.

Best Things To Do In Athens Greece - Cine Paris
Best Things To Do In Athens Greece – Cine Paris

why go?

For a real night like the Greeks. Cine Paris is one of about 90 open-air cinema venues in Athens. Here you can watch old Greek films, foreign classics and the latest Hollywood films.


Some Of The Best Athens Restaurants


 Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

Traditional Greek delicatessen experience.
With its tavern and delicatessen in one place, this Byzantine pastomageirio is housed in a neoclassical house. Enjoy a selection of Greek cheeses and cold cuts at the deli.

The restaurant serves traditional regional dishes such as fried eggplant and zucchini with Cappadocian sauce, pasturma his jerky, beef his sausage and Saganaki cheese with eggs.

Price: mid-range.



Traditional Greek food, music and dance.
This family-run tavern has been in business since his 1927, offering evenings of Mediterranean food, music and dancing that the Greeks love. Don’t miss the tis oras, an assortment of grilled meats. Includes beefsteak, spiced grilled meat pies, and lamb and pork chops. Given that Climataria means ‘grape vine’, it’s no surprise that the wines served here are consistently excellent.

Price: mid-range.


To Kati Allo

 Experience the neighborhood’s hidden Greek tavernas.
Tucked away in a small street just around the corner from the Acropolis Museum is a Greek tavern run by his two generations of the local family, the Bacatzeros family, where he has been serving traditional food for more than 30 years. We have served delicious food.

To Kati Allo

They all help out in the open kitchen, preparing time-honored recipes and making guests feel at home in the discreet dining area. No menu, but you’ll be shown what’s fresh out of the oven.

Price: budget.



Enjoy your meal with stunning views of the Acropolis.
The view of the Acropolis from Strofi’s roof terrace is one of the city’s most impressive. The menu is also great. Enjoy traditional Greek dishes like smoked eggplant-like mezze and cold, smooth tzatziki. The classic main course is roast lamb stuffed with Greek cheese.

Price: high end.



Most European cultures have their own versions of donuts, but the Greek lucumades is arguably one of the tastiest. These are perfectly fluffy fried dumplings with Greek honey and cinnamon.

Lukumades Dessert Café attracts many locals for more sinful desserts. Creative toppings and syrups are drizzled on top and sometimes served with a scoop of creamy mastic (resin from the mastic tree) ice cream cone.

Price: budget.


Michelin-starred seaside experience.
Valluco is one of the city’s most elegant sea-view spots. Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou specializes in combining traditional Greek cuisine with creative, flavorful seafood. For example, his version of moussaka, which usually contains ground beef, is made with crayfish, while pesto pasta contains squid.

Be sure to try the smoked squid with wild vegetables called stamna gati. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Mikrolimano harbor, yachts, yachts and small fishing boats in the distance.

Price: high end.



Greece’s most distinctive flavor.
Located on his 6th floor of the Onassis Cultural Center, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves Greek cuisine consistently and elegantly.

Local wild plants, fresh vegetables, meat and seafood are used in the dishes prepared here. The multi-course menu allows even those unfamiliar with Greek cuisine to indulge in the most uniquely flavored dishes, such as sea bass carpaccio and orange-scented pork. There is a range of imaginative desserts.

Price: high end.



Fine dining on the most beautiful terrace in Athens.
Orizontes is located on Mount Lycabettus, one of the highest mountains in Athens, and offers breathtaking views. Sitting outside at sunset with the Acropolis, the Aegean Sea and the entire city below is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re on Olympus.


The restaurant is equally known for its cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine using seasonal and local ingredients. If it’s on the menu, opt for pork tenderloin garnished with vegetables with feta, honey and sesame seeds. It’s rich, flavorful and will blow your mind.

Price: high end.


Nice ‘n’ Easy

 Locally sourced Greek food.
This bistro values ​​organic produce. Pack local vegetables and traditional pasta into hearty dishes that also include meat from sustainably sourced sources. The farm-to-table concept is combined with a trendy, laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of ’50s Hollywood (even the name was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s song).


Try kontosburi with chicken skewers marinated in bogey and bacoor, Greek beer with sun-dried tomatoes, or coppola and zucchini noodles marinated in buffalo meat and Florina pepper sauce.


Price: mid-range





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