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Medical Tourism in Turkey


Medical Tourism in TurkeyTurkey has improved dramatically in terms of medical treatment in the past years and has developed as one of the best hubs for medical services and healthcare.

Turkey provides patients with medical excellence and the perfect expertise along with high-tech equipment to ensure quality care. The Turkish healthcare system is working hard to become not only the best regional healthcare provider but also the most well-known and the best all over the world.

Private healthcare in Turkey has flourished in the last decade because of the extremely long queues and private service in government hospitals. Today, most of the private hospitals have various contracts with different insurance companies. This has increased the quality of medical treatment at Turkey hospitals. Due to the mounting competition from private medical centers and hospitals, there has been a noticeable amount of increase in the quality of state-run hospitals all over Turkey.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey as a Medical tourism destination

Turkey is in an extremely unique and a great position to serve Americans and Western Europeans just like the Middle Easterners and Eastern Europeans. Due to its central location it becomes a significant and best destination for medical tourism. Its beautiful, relaxing environment and wonderful climate attract many people from the world for a health trip to Turkey. Even the calmness of the country seems like curing one’s health.

Turkey is very popular for its cosmetic surgeries, fertility treatments, cardiology, cancer treatment and cosmetic dentistry all over the world. Numerous citizens from different countries such as Georgia, Turkmenistan, Albania, Armenia, Western Russia and even America usually travel to Turkey for affordable, fast and efficient health care that ensures quality orientated treatment, making it one of the most popular healthcare tourism destinations. Almost five hundred thousand tourists visit Turkey only for health tourism every year.

Another reason which never fails to attract people for a medical trip is the excellent medical treatment provided at low costs. West Asians and Europeans prefer Turkey to treat their diseases to cut off the traveling costs and to save time by going far away at different medical destinations. The costs of the treatments at Turkey can be even 60% lower than treatments provided at countries like USA. Even at such economical medical treatment, the quality is never compromised.

As the medical tourism has been rapidly emerging all around the world in recent years, Turkish Airlines has also prepared a package to support the health care establishments in Turkey. This has proven to be an effective effort in increasing the share of Turkish healthcare tourism in the market. The different packages offer large amounts of special discounts and incentives for people who visit Turkey for health treatment purposes. The Turkish Airlines also provide great facilities to the patients traveling. The planes are equipped with all kinds of necessary medical utensils to treat the travelers in any case of emergency.

Travelers that are visiting Turkey for health purposes are guaranteed with the amenities of the 21st century, which offers the best health and medical care along with the best facilities in the whole world. One can never forget the friendly environment and the compassionate, hospitable people and of course the marvelous country.


Why Turkey?

Magnificent facilities have led to the establishment of private hospitals and various other facilities for the health tourism. These facilities include five-star accommodations with aftercare facilities. Quality equipment and general client services are also included. Highly qualified staff and well trained doctors with experienced nurses are one of main points for medical vacation. There are specialized facilitators that help you to connect to the hospital of your choice with some or all other valuable services. They provide detail information about hospitals, surgeon profiles, feedbacks from previous patients, guide you about travel insurance in turkey, hotel booking, passport and visa and international travel insurance, etc.

If you summarize the facilities about medical tourism in Turkey, then following points will be extremely helpful:
– Finest treatment
– Well trained and qualifies experienced professionals
– Affordable doctors and surgeons
– Fast service;, patients never have to wait
– Treatment includes to travel and visit the exotic places in excellent environment

Medical Tourism in Turkey

If you are interested in detail then you will like to know that, Turkey is appearing as a bridge between Europe and Asia, providing the best destinations for medical trips from Edinburg to Shanghai. Turkey is a flux of many different cultures, varying from European flavor to Asian and Russian. Ancient history and architecture is also on the list. The patients are provided with excellent comfort in the treatment. They are medicated by physicians and surgeons qualified from Europe and United States.

It is not only about present, but Turkey has a wonderful past and holds the brightest future in the field of health tourism. Improvements done to the health sector has led to the full membership in European Union. Hospitals are rapidly being developed to meet the European standards. The technological infrastructure and quality environment with comfort services of hospitals are also developed to the EU standards.

Even at some places the standards are higher than Europeans. Furthermore, the skilled and well-trained doctors are provided residential facilities near to the hospitals. Skilled plus experienced doctors and high standard hospitals are not only present at the main cities and provinces but are spread throughout the country.

Patients who travel to Turkey and enjoy the facilities clearly claim that the country provide the best treatment to the patients and never make them feel that they have travelled miles and miles for the treatment. A homely and welcoming environment prevails throughout the place which makes Turkey nothing less than any heaven.

Another good point about Turkey is that there is sufficient space for domestic patients, as well as for patients of medical vacation. All the hospitals have the ISO 2001 quality management certification. Patients are served with highly qualified staff and doctors in the presence of well-equipped hospitals. JCI has accredited more than ten first class hospitals and others are in the process.

Affordable prices are also an advantage of health tourism in Turkey. The geographical location along with the best climatic conditions helps to smooth the treatment process. The best thing about medical tourism in Turkey is that patients never have to wait. The hospitals give equal importance to every patient and make their best effort to start the treatment as soon as possible.


Price Comparison

The most common question among the patients is that which place provides high quality treatments with affordable bills? The most absolute answer to the most common question is Turkey.

There is no doubt about the quality and excellence in treatments done in Turkey. All the standards and maintained to the European standards with finest technology. Sometimes, patients involved in medical trips states that Turkish standards are higher than US or Europe.

The main thing which patients consider is about cost and affective treatment. Luckily, Turkey serves both the facilities that patients seek. Moreover, Turkish Airline provides with remarkable comfort to patients for transport with very reasonable dues.

If you are worried about the quality of treatment while considering the cost per treatments in Turkey, then let’s take an overview:

  • Facilities provided are among the best ever in the world
  • Patients never have to wait
  • Treatment under the supervision of finest doctors from the best medical colleges and few are trained in the European programs.
  • Internationally accredited hospitals
  • The staff speaking English will help the patients well.
UK vs Turkey comparison
US vs Turkey

Cancer is considered to be very expensive disease as it consumes much money in treatment. Many are seen to be dying due to cancer because they can’t afford it even the treatments are available. High rates of treatments have compelled the patients to medical trips. Turkey provides affordable solution to people who are not able to afford in their home country US and others. This is an important reason for dense traffic towards Turkey. This opportunity provides people with an advantage to explore exotic and fascinating culture.

Due to the high rates of US, people are seen to travel from their homeland to Istanbul, the best place for infertility and cancer treatment; diseases which are highly common in US society. In fact Turkey is providing most effective treatment in the world. Americans rush to Turkey for treatment due to affordability as insemination in US may cost $300 to $800 per attempt and vitro fertilization may cost $8,000 to $12,000 per attempt plus medication of $2,000, which is very high price. But Turkey is serving with better treatments in very less price. Infertility is widely common in US society but due to money, many people regret to go for treatment and live with their life in embarrassment and inferiority complex. If want to know about an example, Jinemed Istanbul, Turkey, facilitate with IVF, ICSI, PGD, IVM and ovarian cortex freezing treatments with and experience of nearly two decades.

Couples may save between 25% and 75% of the costs of fertility treatment in Turkey. Number of patients traveling to Turkey for treatment may get double in recent years. Because they pay half the price in Turkey compare with US, including accommodations, laboratory and full staff assistance. Medical trip industry is growing to $4.4 billion. More than six million Americans are seeking for an opportunity to infertility treatments. You have an internet facility so you can confirm the ratings of Turkey affordability treatments. Turkey is the best choice for couples who are seeking and effective help from certified and accredited fertility clinic. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Giving up is not a way to live. Turkey is serving with high quality and effective treatment to couples which you can easily afford. It’s just not about cancer or infertility which Turkey offers, but a wide range of treatments are available. Treatments are not limited to specific section but it ranges from dental to gynecology.


In Turkey, one can find all kinds of hospitals and medical centers in every city. These are available to help citizens, expatriates and the international travelers providing excellent facilities to ensure quality treatment. In large and major cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Kusadasi have all the latest technology along with internationally trained doctors, who are able to speak and understand English and can address to different kinds of medical complications. For local citizens, there are many doctors available to assist them in local language. Numerous clinics and small hospitals are located all around the minor cities and also in rural areas.

How to find a suitable hospital?

Before going into the core of this topic, it is important to describe the prospects for getting medical treatment from the hospitals in Turkey. Like all the top medical centers abroad, Turkey also offers incredible health care assistance to its residents, as well as the tourists. Every month, thousands of foreign patients from neighboring countries and European countries receive efficient treatment from the best hospitals in Turkey.

Turkey bears around 60 internationally recognized medical faculties which are playing their part in training and educating thousands of Turkish medical students. There is a total of 19 best hospitals in Turkey. The patients who receive medical assistance from these centers enjoy excellent environment and treatment. Compared with the top medical centers abroad, the medical services provided by Turkish centers are provided at economical and acceptable rates. Thus, a tourist who visits Turkey for acquiring medical services should be at ease because the best quality service coupled with cheap clinics is guaranteed in this state

Medical Tourism in TurkeyAnkara City Hospital largest in Europe

To find the best hospitals in Turkey, one does not have to strive hard. As mentioned above, there are considerable amount of hospitals situated in this part of the world providing excellent facilities to people. As Turkey is rapidly developing as a technological giant, the residents of this country enjoy internet for free. Once you are in Turkey, you can excess the internet to enquire about the best medical institutes and centers.

All around the Turkish land, cheap clinics can be witnessed. These clinics are run by the government and provide medical assistance to the poor and needy people. Though, these clinics are specially designed for less wealthy, but when it comes to quality of medical services, no comprise is done. These clinics are an efficient source for enquiring about the renowned medical center of Turkey. Though, this sounds odd, but the truth is that the doctors who attend the patients at the clinics usually prescribe the names of the larger hospitals and big institutes. These institutes are equipped, in every aspect, to aid the patients of any nature. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Besides the hospitals in Turkey, the dental care of Turkey is also a renowned one. Cheap clinics provide good quality dental services to international and local people. In specialized dental hospitals, highly qualified dentists are hired who take good care of international patients. The staff at these institutes treats a patient as a whole, covering all the possible aspects of their issue. Some of the hospitals are very old but are according to modern standards. The concerned authorities of Turkey have recognized the importance of developing their medical assets. Incredible restructuring is done to mould the old medical centers into new looking ones. Turkish government has also imported a lot of capital goods. Most of them were the latest equipment and machines regarding medical services.

Medical Tourism in TurkeyKonya

The top medical centers abroad facilitate their residing people and tourists with 24/7 availability of doctors and physicians. A helpline is constituted which deals with this aspect. People in need of urgent medical assistance call this helpline, which provides them with medical experts. Thus, a comprehensive system of health care is established in this country where people do not have to strive hard for acquiring good medical services. All the health related services are provided at good rates which suits all types of residents of Turkey.

Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey : Some of the hospitals’ contact details which are located in Turkey:

Acıbadem Healthcare Group
Altunizade Mah. Fahrettin Kerim Gokay Cad. 49, Uskudar, Istanbul, TURKEY 34662
Tel: 90 216 544.3981  – Fax: 90 216 340.7710 Web: www.acibademinternational.com

Anadolu Medical Center
Anadolu Cad. No. 1, Bayramoglu Cikisi, Cayirova Mevkii, Gebze, Kocaeli, TURKEY 41400
Tel: 90 262 678.5513 – Fax: 90 262 654.0053 Web: www.anadolumedicalcenter.org

Ankara Guven Hospital
Simsek Sok. No. 29, Kavaklidere, Ankara, TURKEY 06450
Tel: 90 312 457.2525 – Fax: 90 312 468.8030  Web: www.guven.com.tr

Bayindir Hospitals
Ataturk Bulv. No. 201, Kavaklidere, Ankara, TURKEY 06680
Tel: 90 312 428.0808 – Fax: 90 312 428.0629 – Web: www.bayindirhastanesi.com.tr

Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital
Gayrettepe Mah., Cemil Aslan Guder Sok. No. 8, Besiktas, Istanbul, TURKEY 34349
Tel: 90 212 288.3400 – Fax: 90 212 288.9812 – Web: www.florence.com.tr

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
Alemdag Cad., Site Yolu No. 7, Umraniye, Istanbul, TURKEY 34768
Tel: 90 216 524.1300 – Fax: 90 216 524.1357 – Web: www.hisarhospital.com

International Hospital
Istanbul Cad. No. 82, Yesilkoy, Istanbul, TURKEY 34149
Tel: 90 212 468.4444;
International Call Center 90 212 444.0663 – Fax: 90 212 663.2862 – Web: www.internationalhospital.com.tr

Istanbul Memorial Hospital
(Memorial Healthcare Group), Piyale Pasa Bulv., Okmeydani, Sisli, Istanbul, TURKEY 34385
Tel: 90 212 314.6666 – Fax: 90 212 314.6667 – Web: www.memorial.com.tr

Kent Hospital
8229/1 Sok. No. 56, Cigli, Izmir, TURKEY 35580,
Tel: 90 232 398.1100 – Fax: 90 232 386.7071 – Web: www.internationalkent.com

Mesa Hospital
Yasam Cad. No. 5, Sogutozu, Ankara, TURKEY 06510
Tel: 90 312 292.9900 – Fax: 90 312 292.9910 – Web: www.mesahastanesi.com.tr

Yeditepe University Hospital
Devlet Yolu, Ankara Cad. No. 102–104, Kozyatagi, Istanbul, TURKEY 34752
Tel: 90 216 578.4000 – Fax: 90 216 469.3796 – Web: www.yeditepehealthcare.com

Alman Hastanesi (German Hospital)
Siraselviler Cad. No. 119, Taksim, Istanbul, TURKEY 80060
Tel: 90 212 293.2150 – Fax: 90 212 293.4752; 90 212 252.3911 – Web: www.almanhastanesi.com.tr

Dunya Eye Hospital (World Eye Centers)
Nispetiye Cad., Yanarsu Sok. No. 1, Etiler, Istanbul, TURKEY 34337
Tel: 90 212 444.4469 – Fax: 90 212 257.0924 – Web: www.worldeyelasik.com

Ege Saglik Hospital
1399 Sok. No. 25, Alsancak, Izmіr, TURKEY 35220
Tel: 90 232 463.7700 – Fax: 90 232 463.0371 – Web: www.egesaglik.com.tr

Hacettepe University Hospitals
Sihhiye, Ankara, TURKEY 06100
Tel: 90 312 305.1101 – Fax: 90 312 311 09 94 – Web: www.hacettepe.com.tr

Medical Park Goztepe Hospital
E5 Uzeri, Goztepe Kavsagi, Goztepe, Kadikoy, Istanbul, TURKEY 34732
Tel: 90 216 468.4444 – Fax: 90 216 468.4567 – Web: www.medicalpark.com.tr

Medicana Camlica Hospital
Alemdag Cad. No. 85, Uskudar, Istanbul, TURKEY 34767
Tel: +90 216 521.3030 – Fax: +90 216 335 86 36 – Web: www.medicana.com.tr

Sema Hospital
Yali Mah. Sahil Yolu Sok. No. 16, Dragos, Maltepe, Istanbul, TURKEY 34844
Tel: 90 216 444.7362 – Fax: 90 216 352.8359 – Web: www.semahastanesi.com.tr

TDV Ozel 29 Mayis Hastanesi
Aydinlar Mah., Dikmen Cad. No. 312, Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
Tel: 90 312 593.2929 – Fax: 90 312 593.2998 – Web: www.29mayis.com.tr

Uludag University School of Health Services
Gorukle Campus, Bursa, TURKEY 16059
Tel: 90 224 295.0000 – Fax: 90 224 295.0019 – Web: http://tip.uludag.edu.tr

Vehbi Koc Foundation American Hospital
Azizbey Sok. No. 1, Nakkastepe, Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, TURKEY
Tel: 90 212 444.3777 – Web: www.vkv.org.tr


Some of Medical Treatment Centers in Turkey

Eye Surgery

For an eye surgery it is impossible to get admitted to a normal hospital because it is a vital organ in the body which needs to be considered with great care. Compared to any of the surgery, eye surgery should be handled with great care as it is sensitive part in the human body. Today technology has improved for a greater extent such that the eye surgery can be done without any risk.

The hospitals in Turkey are well versed with the appliances and surgeons which can make the surgery successful. There is very less failures associated with the eye surgery done in Turkey. If the eye surgery is not performed with precision then there will be lot of side effects which may again cause serious problems for your eyes.

All the eye surgery done in Turkey hospitals has got a very good success and this can be verified by seeing the appreciations provided by the patients in the entrance of the hospitals. The reason behind this is the use of advanced machineries which are certified from the international medical group. With the involvement of experienced surgeons and machineries the Turkey eye surgery can make any impossible surgery to be a possible one.

Medical Tourism in Turkey – Eye lid surgery

The recent technology for eye surgery is laser treatment. For the patients who are aged it is not possible to perform surgery with blades as it takes more time for the wounds to get cured in aged people. So the laser eye surgery done in Turkey is getting prominence and thus attracting most of the people from the outside countries. In laser treatment the tissues of the cornea will be remolded and the curve will be changed so that the image of the object falls exactly on the cornea. This operation will take hardly 30 minutes but needs to spend more money in other countries.

The hospitals in Turkey have got the appliances which can perform the laser eye surgery with the affordable cost. The side effect from the laser eye surgery is very minimal and is the best option for all the eye problems. The results of other eye operations will last long for very few days but the laser operations results are permanent and can be affordable. If you want to take an eye surgery in Turkey then just call to an agency which will guide you exactly where and how it can be successful.

They will take care of booking ticket for you and sending you back home safely. The number of hospitals in Turkey is numerous including government and private hospitals. Hence you have got a wide chance to choose the best affordable hospital for eye surgery according to your requirement. They have got a best review from the patients from different parts of the world. Government is also supporting them with wide options to provide patients a comfortable and healthy stay during the treatment.

Face Lifting

Face is the important part of the human body which will be exposed to outer world for greater extent. So, most of the people love to be fairer so that they can be catchy for the people. But today due to increased pollution and lack of nutrition the skin is getting dull day by day. So face lifting is the advanced method used by the people to keep their skin fair and fit. In recent days fairness is considered to be an asset. Before people used to give less importance for their skin complexion but the current trend has made all the people to try and increase their beauty.

If a girl or women is not fair then she will have some guilty feeling which may lead to depression. There are many techniques used for increasing the fairness of the skin. If a person needs to be identified, first we look at the face. With increased exposure to sun light and polluted air the face has lost its complexion. There is no need to worry when Turkey face lifting is waiting for you. The hospitals in Turkey are well equipped and can provide best results without any failures. To perform face lifting there is a requirement of dermatologist or skin surgeon who have got vast experience.

In Turkey it is very easy to find a skin specialists or surgeon who has got good amount of experience. These surgeons have performed various researches in face lifting and are thorough with different methodologies to perform the surgery. They have also gained the certification from the government and also from the international medical association to ensure a best treatment. With the increased requirement for face lifting operations, the hospitals have equipped themselves with specialized machines which can finish the surgery with a minimum span of time. Most of the people will visit to Turkey during Fridays and they will return to their home land with high complexion skin on Monday. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

When considering the cost of the face lifting, one cannot find the best option other than Turkey. It is the place where you can get the job done with the minimum expenditure. When compared to the cost of the operation in other European countries the cost of face lifting in Turkey is reduced by 3.

There are many hospitals including government and private hospitals, but it is always better to choose a private hospital where the service will be of high quality. There is lot of competition between the private hospitals to gain more importance from the patience. So, you can expect a best service at any time in Turkey for face lifting.

Side effects are very common in face lifting treatment but when you get the treatment in Turkey hospitals there will be no such side effects. The reason behind this is the tidy and sophisticated process involved in the treatment.


Medical Check-ups

Today people love to take up medical checkups frequently because there are chances to get caught with diseases at any time. These medical checkups should be perfect enough to explore any health problems. This can be achieved with 100% results in Turkey hospitals. Health problems are not strange for humans we have been suffering from them from our ancestral days. But the effect of the disease and the level of treatment for it have changed in the recent world.

People have been advancing in technology with greater speed and hence they are losing their focus over their health. Treatment for the health problems are available in any part of the world but the kind of treatment we get in Turkey cannot be replaced by any other. They incorporate various technologies to find the root cause of the disease and then provide a best possible treatment so that the patient can experience better health very quickly

Diseases have become common for humans now a day. The reasons for the most of the diseases are improper life style with food absent in nutrition. So, it means that first the immunity will decrease making way to the diseases. Turkey medical checkups are capable of deriving the root cause for the disease which is very important to prevent it in future days.

There are many hospitals in Turkey which are competing one another to give a best possible service for the patients. This high competency can also be a reason for the increased level of quality for the diseases. If you are planning to take up a medical checkup then have a visit to Turkey. Once you land in the roads of Turkey many private hospitals will open their doors for your treatment. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

The hospitals have got very experienced physicians who can derive the root cause in a very less span of time. If you are really interested to get cured from the disease then medical tour to Turkey is a must.

As mentioned before any treatment cannot be completed without the aid of machinery. Turkey hospitals have got machineries which are certified from the government and also from the international boards.Therefore, there are no worries about the infection caused due to machinery treatment. Generally aged people have to be taken for medical checkups frequently since there will be lot of changes happening in the body. These aged patients should be treated with care and also there should be proper sanity measures taken to prevent infection.

The service men in Turkey hospitals are very much interested to keep the serenity of the hospital clean and tidy. They communicate with the patient at the best to provide a comfortable stay in the hospital. The cost of the medical checkups in Turkey is very less as the involvement of the people is very less. One-time investment machineries will treat you with care and high precision. If you need to get the best possible treatment for you or your grandparents then pay a visit to any of the Turkey hospitals.

Fertility Treatment

With the increased infertility problem fertility treatment is increasing all over the world. Turkey has got well improved technological equipment to provide fertility treatment. This treatment is increasing day by day in Turkey and hence most of the clinics and hospitals are providing the treatment. Government has also provided a well support for the hospitals to explore and perform more and more research on this treatment.

There are more than 100 hospitals providing fertility treatment in Turkey. The hospitals have been providing service for an average of 40,000 couples and is increasing day by day. So Turkey is the best fertility treatment option to become a best parent.

Turkey stands in the fourth position for fertility treatment in the European Countries and has achieved seventh position from the world count. Istanbul is a place where one can find many International fertility hospitals and also some of the major clinics are found in Samsun. These places are very well known as tourist spots as they are rich in natural beauty and culture.

Most of the hospitals found in Turkey are certified from the international board of medical science and also from the government. In Turkey there are many surgeons and physicians who are experts in making infertile couples to fertile parents. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has improved in medical field from the past few years and is considered to be the best option for fertility treatment. There are well improved laboratories and machineries to provide the best possible solution for the infertile couples. You can ensure a best result as the machineries and surgeons are certified from the medical associations.
The surgeons and physicians found in the hospitals of Turkey are well trained and experienced in Gynecology and oncology, hence we can see that the success rate of the fertility treatment from Turkey is increasing day by day. If you want a new member in your family then a visit to Turkey with your partner is the best way. The place is amazing where in which one can take a tour to nearby cultural heritage sites and sea shores. Make sure you equip yourself with various things to pay a visit to Turkey.

Turkey has emerged as the best place for all the medical solutions. In Vitro Fertilization which is generally called as IVF has been used by most of the hospitals in Turkey to provide fertility treatment. Turkey hospitals provide best results for the couples from the native land or for the one who fly there from other part of the world. Some of the hospitals are linked to the local travel agencies who will take care of your travelling. They will help you in finding the best lodging facility and also helps you to return home back with a smile. Contact any of such agencies and fly to Turkey to get a best bonding in the family with a child. The fertility treatment in Turkey will not cost you more. In general, the cost of the treatment will be reduced by 25% compared to the any of the fertility centers in the world.



It is the normal tendency for all people to be very smart and be like a super model. But the recent lifestyle is not supporting them because the food that we consume has got more fats which cannot be digested easily and also people will not work more which will help to burn the fat. This leads to common and normal problem called fat accumulation in the body. So, if you want to be super model then the one option is the liposuction from Turkey.

They provide a best and affordable treatment by which you can make yourself fit and slim. There was a time when people used to be healthy and fit with good food and good amount of work. But today the advanced technology of humans will not require one to work and burn the fats present inside the body. This is the common mistake what most of the people are doing and thus are affected by a common problem called fat accumulation.

When a fat is accumulated in the body it will change the normal functioning of the body. It not only effects on the looks but also the fat accumulated inside the blood veins will lead to serious problems like heart attacks. So, liposuction is a methodology which is very simple and effective in removing the fat accumulated in the body.

When person increases with age the common problem seen in the people is the aging skin. In this situation the skin will lose its elasticity and hang out which will badly affect the fairness of the person. This problem is mostly seen in the neck portion and thus neck will become like a turkey neck. So, the only methodology to remove those sagging skin under the neck is liposuction.

On an average India and US has got people with more fats accumulated. The main reason behind this is the lifestyle and the type of food they consume. So, all people are looking forward to remove that excess fat from the body. Liposuction performed in Turkey has got greater demand in both the countries as the cost of the surgery is considered to be the best compared to any other part of the world.

Most of the time liposuction is not performed alone but will be involved with many other surgeries like face lifts or brow lifts. It is very simple to perform liposuction where in which a suction tube will be injected to the effect part of the body and the excess fat will be sucked out without causing harm to any of the other body parts. It needs proper medication and well experienced surgeons who can handle if there are any crucial situations. It needs high sophisticated instruments which are available very easily in Turkey hospitals. Most of Turkey hospitals meant for plastic surgery are well versed with various equipment to perform the liposuction surgery. To be noted that the cost of the liposuction surgery in Turkey is very much affordable compared to the any other countries. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Nose Surgery

When a person wants his nose to be operated first and foremost he will think about the highly facilitated hospitals where a nose surgery can be completed with less possible risk factors. So he/she will think about Turkey as the best option as the hospitals in Turkey has got imported equipment which can do the operation with less pain and cost.

Generally rhino plastic surgery is considered to be the most risky surgery as it is involved with the part which is predominantly seen by the other people. So when a rhino plastic surgery needs to be performed there needs to be a highly experienced surgeon who can take care of the risk issues.

This will increase the cost of the surgery. In Turkey the surgery is carried out through machines which will finish up in less time without making any mistakes. To be confident enough fairness plays a very important role. Especially the nose will play a major role in person fairness and improving his/her confidence. In Turkey the rhino plastic surgery is carried out with highly sophisticated machines which make it somewhat different from all other surgery bases in different countries.

Medical Tourism in Turkey – Nose Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are gaining more and more importance now a day as people are trying to be more and more beauty conscious. So today we can see that more technology researches are performed in increasing the fairness of the people. A fair looking face consists of a nose placed at the centre which plays a very important role in handling the look. Even a minor difference in the position of the nose will lead to odd look. So today we can see that nose surgery in Turkey is getting more and more demand.

When a nose surgery to be done, there are many complexities to be considered which can be easily managed when the operation is carried out in Turkey’s sophisticated hospitals. Turkey is rich in culture and history and thus had been attracting tourists from all part of the world. But today a good support for the researches and technology in Turkey has made it stand top and compete with the international hospitals successfully.

For any nose surgeries most of the people will likes to have a visit to Turkey. When a nose surgery needs to be carried out there are lot of availability of machineries in the Turkey hospitals but sometimes it is always safe to have a experienced surgeon at place so that crucial conditions can be handled successfully with great care. The equipment available in the hospital have got CE certification and have been accredited with ISO mark which means that they will always give a perfect solution.

So if a nose surgery needs to be carried out with safe and secured measures then Turkey is the best option. Cosmetic surgery in Turkey has got predominant importance as the availability of surgeons is vast and the facilities provided by the hospitals are great. When a same surgery is carried out any other countries like US, UK, Japan, Germany or Switzerland then the cost would be unbearable. So book a ticket to Turkey and get your nose tweaked instantly. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Chin Implants

Turkey has been a famous tourist place from the past, but now a day it has gained good exposure in medical field. There are lots of researches performed for medicines and also new innovative technological machines have been invented supporting to cure most of the problems caused due to organs impairment.

Cosmetic surgery is a recent technology invented which will increase the fairness in the people. When a person is fair enough it will provide him good confidence and thus will involve in various activities with interest and self-motivation. Face is the most important part of the body as it serves as an identity of a person. General problem faced by people with respect to chin implants are lower jaw is out of shape, jaws with sharp edges, wider jaws which makes the face to look broad. When such problems are seen most of the people will prefer to go for Chin implants in chin implant can induce a broad smile on a person face. Chin implant can also be called as meatoplasty which is very much concentrated on giving a balance to the face. Some times when a chin implants is done there is also required to do cheek implants, face lift, brow lifts and rhinoplasty. Most importantly rhinoplasty is performed along with chin implants. The reason behind this is that, when a chin is made smaller or larger the nose should also be changed according to the chin size. This is very important because the parts in the face should be always in equilibrium.

Medical Tourism in Turkey – Chin implants

When chin implantation is performed then the patient has to be handled with great care for few days. Since the surgery is related to jaw, if any problem encountered it will directly affect the brain. This might lead the patient into coma state. The hospitals in Turkey are well versed with machineries to handle any situations with great care. Chin implants in Turkey is performed with duration of 30 minutes and sometimes it will prolong till 1 ½ hour based on the severity.

This chin implant is performed with sophisticated machines which are built with care for handling the human bones. To involve in this surgery the patient should be healthy enough so that the surgery will not cause any serious effects after the operation or during the operation.
The candidates who have involved in chin implants in various countries complain about the side effects like swelling persisting for 3-4 weeks. Sometimes these side effects will be caused due to bad environmental conditions during and after operation. In Turley hospitals there is a healthy environment and the hospital serenity will be kept clean and tidy.

This will reduce the chances of infection in patients. So if you want to get a chin implanted then give a visit to Turkey. There are many agencies supporting for foreign visitors to pay visit to Turkey in this aspect. Get in touch with them and get good benefits for medical treatment in Turkey. Once visited, you can see many private and government hospitals opening doors for you to provide you the best possible treatment.

Hair Transplantation

Turkey is shining now a day due to its increased medical services. Turkey hair transplantation has got good exposure all over the world. People are rushing to Turkey to increase the density of their hair so that they can look fair enough. The treatment provided by the hospitals in Turkey has been providing outstanding results.

Hair loss is a most common problem faced by most of the people now a day. This hair loss problem had existed from long years but recently this is increasing in all most all part of the world. The main reason behind this is the lack of nutritious food and the change in life style of the people. Hair is a most important part of human being which is very much required for giving fairness. Compared to men, hair plays a very important role in women life. In biological terms hair is required to maintain the body temperature but today it plays a role as a beauty agent. So it is a wish of every person to have a dense hair.

When a person faces problem with hair loss then there are many treatment based on the root cause of the problem. When the problem cannot be tolerated and stopped then it is highly important to go for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation has become a most common treatment if a person faces hair loss problem. Turkey has seen lot of changes now a day ad there is a very good improvement in the field of medicine.

Medical Tourism in Turkey – Hair transplant

There are lots of technologies introduced in Turkey to treat various problems seen in humans. There are good equipments and surgeons in Turkey hospitals when combined together can provide an outstanding result. Generally, hair transplantation will cost a more amount but the treatment provided in major Turkey hospitals are affordable and is convincible for most of the people all over the world. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey hair transplantation has got improved mechanisms which can provide best results in less possible time. There are different techniques followed for hair transplantation in Turkey. The methodologies followed in Turkey have got worldwide exposure and has got good reviews from patients. The common methodology followed for hair transplantation in Turkey is FUE compared to the other method called FUT. FUE technique has got many advantages like very less side effects, affordable cost and best possible result.

Istanbul has got very high specialty hospitals with many equipment and thus attracting the tourists for medicinal purpose. The surgeons for hair transplantation in Turkey are available in affordable cost which is the main reason for people to rely on Turkey for their beautiful hairs. If you want to travel to Turkey for hair transplantation then book a ticket through a travelling agency.

There are lot of facilities provided in Turkey for the people coming from outside. This could be a method to attract people but to be a fact the surgeons have got very good experience and are certified by the government. The machines used are certified by the international medical science institute. Thus, you can expect a best result without a second question.

Plastic Surgery

Today people are giving more importance for plastic surgery and they are flying to Turkey. According to the recent survey: Turkey is the best option to take on plastic surgery. Today, Turkey has evolved itself with various technologies in the field of medicine and has gained lot of reputation for plastic surgery. All people like to be fair and hence today plastic surgery is gaining more and more importance. Allmost all the people are taking treatment in Turkey as there are many hospitals which provide the best treatment for plastic surgery. With increased competition one can expect a better service in any of the hospitals in Turkey for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is not a simple operation which can be taken with simple care. To make a plastic surgery one should have very good instruments which can take care of the sensitive skin without making any serious damages. It is a normal intensity for the people to look fair and handsome. Especially for women fairness is a very important asset. They need to be perfect in all aspect. So we can see that maximum numbers of people who are taking up plastic surgery are women.

For making a plastic surgery surgeons should be thorough in dermatology and also should have got vast experience in skin care field. Today we can see that people from all over the world who are willing to take plastic surgery for their body parts are flying to Turkey. The main reason behind this is that the hospitals here have got very experienced surgeons who can handle the operation with great care. There should not be single mistakes done when making surgery. Most of the surgeons in Turkey have got international reputation for making surgery without any failures.

IIt is not just enough if we meet up with the experienced surgeons. They cannot handle all the things in bare hands. The advance technological machines should be used for getting good success in plastic surgery. The hospitals in Turkey have got imported machines for taking up the surgery with great care. When machines are involved in operation then there will be very high precision by which we can get a best surgery treatment.

Generally when a plastic surgery is done in other countries the cost of the operation will be very high but the operation in Turkey is very much affordable. The reason behind this is the machineries used which needs one-time investment and minimum maintenance.


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Contact our consultant to organize and tailor-made your stay in Turkey for medical purposes

When you decide to travel to another country for diagnosis or treatment, being informed about details related to the treatment or diagnostic tests, hospitalization period, and prices before your arrival, will make your decision easier. If you send us your medical documents (epic rises, examination results, and so forth) before your arrival, you will have an opportunity to be informed about your estimated treatment process that has been suggested by our physicians or doctors and about the approximate price. Moreover, having a chance to receive a second opinion from other doctors will make you feel more confident during your treatment process.

When traveling to Turkey for treatment, you will experience a wonderful vacation in a calm atmosphere, by the sea, enjoying the sun and the sea, or exploring the culture of tourism.

Our agency offers your travel services according to your needs. It includes flight, transfer, accommodation, and tours in coordination with your doctor’s recommendations. We will help you step by step in your journey to ensure safety, comfort, and maximum satisfactory treatment results. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Travel and Accommodation Organization

Before you come to Turkey for treatment, you can get your visa, and there is a “Medical Visa” in Visa options. If you want to get a Medical Visa, please, send your and your attendants’ passport information to our specialist (your country specialist in our hospital) who is in charge of you. Thus, you will be provided with an official letter which will be used during the visa application. Moreover, apart from using this letter in the visa application, you can also use it by presenting it to a fund or a ministry that is going to finance your treatment (if there are any). Besides, if you wish, in this scope, we can prepare and provide you with a separate letter. Typically, European citizens do not need a visa to enter Turkey, but special requests or letters, please inform us in advance.

When you decide to come to the hospital, our expert logistics team provides services for visa process, transportation and reservations, hotel reservation providing competitive prices via our contracted hotels (welcome and farewell services are free of charge).

For assistance after your arrival, you should share with us the information below;

  • Name-surname and passport information (including your attendants)
  • Flight booking or ticket information
  • Information about accommodation
  • Preferred day and time you would like to have a consultation with your doctor
Assistance during the hospital stay period

Please make sure that you bring your passport and all medical documents with you before you come to Turkey and the hospital. This will help to speed up the treatment process and provide an opportunity for a more detailed examination. You can demand any help and support from your country specialist, who speaks in your mother tongue, before and after you come to the hospital. Moreover, you can also demand any help and support from an interpreter who assists you. Furthermore, you can/must ask any health-related questions to your doctor. If you have a language barrier, our interpreters will help you establish successful communication.

Assistance during/after discharge period

We offer you any support during/after the discharge period. The reports of your whole treatment process are kept in your archive file, the English translation of which will be provided to you during the discharge period. Therefore, do not forget to request the English translation of your medical documents from your country specialist or interpreter. According to your wish, the translated medical records can be provided directly to you or via your e-mail address. Moreover, after you are discharged from the hospital, you can demand any help and support from our specialists who are ready to assist you via e-mail or telephone.

Translation & Interpreting

We offer translation & interpreting services at our hospital in Istanbul. Our professional translators and interpreters use their mother/foreign language skills to provide invaluable services to patients, their families, and medical practitioners alike. Therefore, when you decide to travel to Turkey for diagnosis or treatment, do not worry about the communication barrier you may encounter on your arrival to Turkey. You have an opportunity to request an interpreter before you come to the hospital easily. Moreover, if you wish, all reports of your whole diagnosis & treatment process can be translated into any European language. Related:  Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical visa for Turkey

When you decide to have a treat in Turkey, your documents, which show your medical procedures in Turkey, will be sent to you by our healthcare providers. You can easily get your visa in 15 minutes online. https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/


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